Shaka-Prolong is a company that gives a damn, we care and want to find the best solution! After years of research, we have decided that now is the right time to enter the industry, at a time where we can be pioneers in natural alternatives! We hope you will join us!

When you choose Shka-Prolong products, you choose:

Truth: Each batch is delivered to you with an independent lab report Certificate of Analysis and Quality, as well as best before date.
Purity: Each Shaka-Prolong product contains >99.5% purity Hemp in all Hemps and zero pesticides, toxins or heavy metals. They also contain 0% or less than 0.2% THC.
Organic: We use Certified Organic, Certified EU, seeds, farming and cultivation practices, as well as manufacturing processes. Our products are non-GMO.
Customer care: You can communicate with us easily and be sure of honest and transparent answers.
Bespoke branding: Choose your own private label and product branding knowing there will be contents you are happy to put your name to.
Compliance: We adhere to the most stringent national requirements, where no THC is allowed.
Prolong: where our ethics matter so yours can too
Full and Broad Spectrum Hemp. Guaranteed.